The Beauty of Basement Window Wells

Published: 05th May 2011
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Basement window wells save a basement from being dreary. It also lets natural light and air enters the basement. Basement window wells protect the basement windows from getting broken and dumped with soil and debris. It can also be decorated and custom-made to add beauty to your basement windows. In planning the entire look of your basement, don't overlook your basement window wells because they can ruin all your basement plans.
Basement window wells, while adding beauty to the basement have also become a sort of problem because water can collect on the basement window wells. This can sometimes lead to seepage which can lead to moisture problems like molds and bad odor to the basement. This is true but only if your basement window wells are not installed properly, not planned well or sub standard. This is the only downside of basement window wells.
The beauty of basement window wells lies in its purpose of letting natural light and fresh air into the basement. With modern technology, innovative basement window wells designs have been created to suit every homeowner's taste and budget. New basement window wells are design in such a way that it drains quickly and away from the house. Its construction materials have also been modified so that it can withstand the pressure of the surrounding ground and it does not easily crumble. Latest basement window wells have clear and durable covers to let the light in while keeping the dirt and debris out. The window well is made of tough poly-carbonate that will not rot and it is also fully enclosed including the bottom of the well so that no weeds will grow and keep the water and moisture out. The new models of basement window wells have specially designed wall and bottom that reflect as much daylight as possible into the basement. It can also be adjusted to fit any depth of basement window and meet building code specifications for safe emergency exit from the basement.
New models of basement window wells are custom-made so that you can design you window well to look like a miniature garden or any landscape that you want. You can put stones, sand and even bricks to resemble steps. You can also drape the walls of your basement window wells with poly-carbonate plastic with different designs that will compliment your basement decor. These basement window wells plastic drapes are self-adhesive so that they can stick to every corner and curve and make it look natural. Aside from the decorative window well drapes, basement window wells also come with covers. These covers prevent water and debris from entering the window well as well as little critters such as raccoons and not counting out the burglars.
Basement window wells are basement savers and have become an important part of a habitable basement space. You just have to make sure that they are installed properly and that you are using the latest innovation of basement window wells.

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